The Golden Fish

“Miniature puppet theatre created in a ukulele”

After the story of the Grimm brothers “The fisherman and his wife”.

Ages: 3+
Duration: 25 minutes

This miniature puppet theatre created in a ukulele tells in words and music the famous tale of a fish that grants wishes. The story is inspired from the Brothers Grimm, and later on Pushkin. In this version revisited with originality and humour, the fisherman becomes Agathe, the brave fisherwoman who tries to satisfy, with the help of the golden fish, the extravagant whims of her husband Jaco. A relevant story about the madness of grandeur, that will delight young and old alike.

About the unique set design:
One of the smallest instruments, sometimes still considered a toy; the ukulele, seems to be a bold choice to tell us about ‘the madness of grandeur’. The idea had been in Pierre’s head for a while: to create a puppet show in a soprano ukulele, which could open like a suitcase.

Currently available in video format
During the Covid restrictions this show was created and made available in video format, on demand and in 3 languages: French, German and English.
If you are interested in this, please contact us.