Puppets, masked theatre and workshops


With a variety of workshops for children and adults we love to share knowledge about making theatre and art by hand and from the heart.

Our workshops teach practical artistic skills, but they also explore self-expression, confidence and collaboration. Whether you want to learn new creative techniques, to develop on what you already know, or to have a fun workshop inspiring imagination and communication, we are happy to help develop your unique artistic style.

You might be a curious individual, a teacher, a cultural worker, a small artistic group, or a large organisation. If our work sparks your interest then we would love to hear from you!

What can we teach you to MAKE?

• Mask making
• Build a puppet
• Make a shadow puppet

What can we teach you to PLAY?

• Playing with masks
• Explore the larval mask
• Discover Commedia dell’ arte
• Playing with puppets
• Develop shadow stories