Regarding Prévert

“The lizard of love has vanished once more and left his tail between my fingers.
It was well done.
I wanted to keep it for myself.”
(The Lizard)

With heads made of wood, but hearts full of humanity, humour and a zest of cynicism, our main characters are three hand puppets; Igor, Rose and The Death. They recite poems, narrate stories and sing songs written by Jacques Prévert. 

Under the spotlight of our hand-built theatre, these 3 protagonists take the liberty to play the author’s texts. Through body, space and movement they bring these universal stories to life in an original way, holding true to the values in the original texts.

With shadow theatre and live music, pieces are told with illustrative, surprising and colourful design. We can see little snails travelling all the way to Paris, donkeys fly away in front of us and together we paint the portrait of a bird.

Prévert’s writings play with words, ideas and images to tell stories that relate to all of us. Without pomp or fanfare, he appeals to our humanity by speaking simply of love, happiness, death and disappointment. He speaks of a desire for freedom and understanding in a true, down to earth way. We see ourselves and our society through his words.

Duration: 60 minutes

Suitable for adults (14+)